Friday, November 14, 2008

Emiko: Before and After!


nicole said...

Awesome Emiko! You look so great.

Jane said...

Emiko - you look fantastic, and very happy. Well done on completing the PCP. It's given me a little boost in enthusiasm, now that we Hama Mamas have only about 3 weeks to go.Take care and look after that gorgeous bod!

Nate said...

You looks great Emiko. Huge Improvement!

Patrick said...

Yo Emiko, looking good! How much weight came off in the end?

Sticking to the PCP while going to school and working a job is a big accomplishment, and to do it the whole time with such positive energy even more admirable.

If you want to take yourself further just keep the mid PCP dinners and cycle through the maintenance plans. It won't happen as fast as the first 90 days, but by next swimsuit season you'll be where very few people can ever get to.

You're the youngest PCPer we've had and I hope getting to you so early will lead to the establishment of healthy habits throughout your life. While most of your friends spend their early twenties in a haze of pizza and beer, you have the knowledge to nurture and strengthen your body.

Good luck to you and Adrian, I know you'll do great things with your new energy! See you at the PCP Convention!

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