Friday, November 14, 2008

Adrian: Before and After


Emiko said...

You look SO GREAT, boo!!!!

Nate said...

Great work Adrian. You really got cut!

my word verification is "uretions" something sounds off about that word

Patrick said...

Hey Adrian! Nice work man. Of all us PCPers I thought that you were the most cerebral, and I hope that the project has put you in touch with your physical body in a new way.

I used to practice zen entirely in my head and spent a lot of time going in circles. With yoga I was able channel some of that thought energy into action, and I found my life became much more balanced. Through the PCP I finally got my diet under control, and since then the quality of my zazen has improved immensely. I'd love to hear your own experiences on the cushion post PCP.

If you stick to your mid PCP diet for one more month and work the abs intensely you can chisel out your midsection without any problem. Your arms and shoulders look nice. Take some more photos from different angles!

Keep working on the pull-ups, I know they suck but you've got to bulk up your back. I had a terrible time with pull-ups my first go around, I couldn't do more than three. I took a month off and went back to the bar, and could do five. Since then it's been 50 a day. So let some time pass and give them another go. In addition to looking good, a strong back will take your meditation to new levels.

It was great getting to know you, keep in touch and let's meet in person sometime!

Adrian and Emiko said...


It's been quite an adventure. I hope to meet you too some day. You've been a friend and a mentor. I can only hope to have the energy you have in taking care of yourself and teaching others how to do the same.