Thursday, November 6, 2008

Adrian: Day 85, Maintenance

Emiko and I had a chat on AIM with Patrick earlier. I asked about what we would have to do to stay in shape after the project was over. Patrick's answer was that we would have to stay on track with our diets and exercise, indefinitely.

He confirmed what I already knew. And that's a big question for me right now -- to be, or not to be, in PC? Will I be able to stick to it? I think so. This project has given me such a positive outlook on life, and an interest in health and fitness that I can't easily forget. And although I'm looking forward to beer and fried chicken, I'll always go back to my boiled eggs and granola the next morning.

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maki said...

I'm curious about life after PCP too. Hope you can fill me in once you are through - best wishes for the last five days!