Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Adrian: Day 97, I'm Back

I'm wondering if the other PCPer's have been keeping up with the diet and maintenance exercise plans, because I sure haven't. I just kind of threw it out the window after day 90. But after a week of vegging out, I realize that I'm not exactly feeling too good about not working out and not paying attention to what I eat. So I decided to get back on it. I did the short work-out tonight, and it was pretty easy. Though my strength has definitely declined a bit. Or maybe just my idea of how much pain I'm willing to tolerate. Anyway, I'm going to keep posting here in an effort to keep myself motivated, and to stick to regular exercise and a healthy diet for as long as I can. So check back here every now and then for sporadic updates on my progress and backsliding.


Patrick said...

Nah, you're not unusual Adrian. I did the same thing. But just like you I started to feel the effects of my sloth and it wasn't so hard to get started again. Plus, going into the winter your body wants to keep a little more fat on it, so you're really climbing uphill if you want to lose now. So go with it. Just avoid the really bad foods and keep the jumprope up. You can regain lost muscle anytime, and faster than ever now that you've shown your body what to do.

In the future I'll run a RePCP me project where past PCPers can do their projects again, just not so hardcore.

Nate said...

cool news about the rePCP project and Adrian I was thinking the same exact thing! Haha I'm totally vegging out but ready to get back into it. I keep freaking like om my god I totally am fat again! But then I realize my belt is still at the same notch and I look the same in the mirror so I;m trying not to panic but I just have to get back in the groove.