Monday, November 10, 2008

Adrian: Day 88: Work-out Music

Wow, there are only two days left. Thank goodness! These past three months have simply disappeared, and I'm ready to go back to being fat and lazy. Not really, but I'm going to enjoy the break from the constant daily exercise. The exercises have gotten progressively more challenging since day one; some of them I can't even do (kung fu sit-ups). I plan to continue exercising regularly after day 90, but I'm definitely going to take it easy for a bit.

Something that has really helped me get through my work-outs has been music. Having a beat to follow makes jump-roping more enjoyable. There was one instance when focusing on the piano arpeggios in Fur Elise helped me through my planks. I remember how intensely I struggled to hold myself up until the end, and the only thing that kept me from caving and falling over was the melody. Anyway, there have been a few bands in particular that I've enjoyed listening to again and again during my work-outs, and I wanted to post some songs here for you all to check out and maybe sweat to.

Black Moth Super Rainbow
Flying Lotus
Animal Collective
Casino vs. Japan


Amy said...

I love Animal Collective but I can't listen to them while I'm working out! Same with M83 although I am not as big a fan.

Adrian and Emiko said...

I can't exercise to Animal Collective's older songs, but the newer stuff is a lot poppier and more repetitive. Also, Emiko and I have always danced and jumped around to their music, so it's easy for us to work out to.